Save The Constellation of Children otherwise known as, Save The Children Campaign (STCC), is a registered Non-Governmental, and not-for-profit, Organization (RC 814360) working with the Children and Youths in advocating for every Child/Youth to be given a qualitative education and an equal opportunity to express their God given talent through qualitative and life changing programmes and services.

Founded in 1993, we have been in the frontline in advocating and organizing free extra – curricular activities and programmes in and out of schools aimed at building sterling leadership qualities, discovery/developing God given talent, building entrepreneurial skills and the fear of God in the lives of the Children and youths. We also act as a Community Base Organization (CBO) in meeting the needs of our Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC).

About us


-To develop the capacity of Children and Youths in Nigeria through qualitative and life changing programmes that will inculcate in them sterling leadership qualities and the fear of God.
-To groom and produce God-fearing future leaders
-To advocate for a Chance for a Change, that every Child and Youths is given an equal opportunity/right to education and social welfare.


STCC Programs and Activities are habit building/live changing that demands complete participation. Taking into consideration the social, cultural and economic background and providing or simulating an enabling environment that helps in their Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual development that is service oriented. Exposing them where possible to modern Information Technology while maintaining a good emotional balance through healthy social interactions based on knowledgeable approach to life issues.


The STCC is not endowed or funded by any group or government, local or foreign. All funds raised are from voluntary contributions of Members, Partners, Contributors and donors.


  • For a healthy development of our children and youths (spiritually, intellectually, physically, emotionally) the STCC takes the following into consideration
  • Background and environment.
  • Formal and informal education
  • Influence, belief and source
  • Activities and supervision
  • Ambition and security
  • While using
  • Expression of talent as a means of communication
  • Dialogue and counseling as a means of correction
  • Reward and award as a means of encouragement.


Scholarship Award

To award, administer and support scholarship from individuals, government and corporate bodies at all levels, with prerogative on the less privileged and also as an encouragement for excellence.

Self Help Projects

To initiate, create, develop, support and encourage the training and establishment for sole entrepreneurship to youths, widows and then to the under privileged parents.

Youth Development Programs

To create, develop, support and encourage worthwhile program and activities designed for character building and inculcation of lasting leadership quality and a discipline in children/youths through the media, communities, government agencies, institutes of learning, churches, corporate bodies, clubs, individual etc.

Welfare Packages

To organize, administer, support and encourage an annual welfare package of Christian informative literatures and materials, foodstuff, clothing, educational material, children toys and complete family package during the Easter, Christian and relevant celebrated period to designated poverty stricken area in forms of aid, relief, rehabilitation to homes, hospitals and in some cases, police custodies and prison yards in every STCC areas of operation.

Charity for the Needy

A monthly visit to a less privilege home to give both service and support (foodstuff, provision and materials) in every STCC area of operation and to organize fund raising activities through appeals to bodies and individuals for support and to encourage charity for the needy on regular basis. Also, finding and placement of lost children in relevant homes for safety care and training.

Health Development Activities

A quarterly visit to designated public/special hospital to give service, medical aids, payment of bills and in some cases all of the above in all STCC areas of service. Also creating health projects to support health development activities, dissemination of health information, deployment of volunteer health workers, encourages and sanitization of environment, body and mind.