Modus Operandi


STCC Programs and Activities are habit building/live changing that demands complete participation. Taking into consideration the social, cultural and economic background and providing or simulating an enabling environment that helps in their Physical, Emotional, and Intellectual development that is service oriented. Exposing them where possible to modern Information Technology while maintaining a good emotional balance through healthy social interactions based on knowledgeable approach to life issues.

Volunteer Scheme

Establishing Volunteer schemes through Circuits (Nursery Schools), Units (Post-Primary Institutions), and Public and Campus Sectors known as Joshua's army (Youth Group) in institutions of learning and areas in a town or city. Raising supporters as Patrons, Financial Members and Contributors.

Relevant Programs

Creating and developing relevant programs and activities to inculcate sterling leadership qualities and the fear of God.

Goal Oriented Policies

Adapting or adopting in part or whole, through a thorough and practical understanding of the problems and prospects, the nation’s policy and the UN chatter on the rights of the children and young person’s law or any other relevant policies or guideline that shall benefit the children and youths on the long run.

Raising Public Awareness

Raising of public awareness and support on the problems and prospect of the children and youths through Communications, the Arts and any popular but relevant event from a local to an international level.

Working as a CBO/OVC NGO

Working as a Community Base Organization (CBO) to meet the needs of the Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC)
To work with other developing partners in supporting the welfare of children/youths and OVC.

Monitoring & Evaluation

Facilitate supervision, monitoring and evaluation of intervention to benefit children/youths especially OVC.