• After Class/Symposium: – Lectures and lessons for students taking internal and external exams.
  • Seminars/Workshop: – Papers presented by distinguished Resource persons to educate and enlighten the youths.
  • Self-Development Programs: – Talent development, worthwhile hobbies and skill acquisition as part of the core-curricular activities, to improve on self and gain better confidence.


  • Exhibition and Fair: – Public presentations of Arts, Crafts and Scientific work to encourage and reward excellence through public participation and appreciation.
  • Exchange Programs: – Excursions, tours and visitation to different locations, exposing them to other culture and influences for better understanding.
  • Awareness Campaign:– Periodic but regular door to door, street to street campaign to share the good news and encourage positive attitude as a motivation for others to do right.


  • Maintenance Culture: – Community service, tree and flower planting exercise healthy habits and worthwhile association.
  • Quality Time: – Volunteering to play the big brothers and sisters role to a younger one on a regular basis.
  • Dignity of Labor: – Vacation and other part time job to gain experience and appreciation.


  • Holiday Camps: – Two (2) free camps (feeding and accommodation) during Easter and the long vacation with life changing programs and activities.
  • Team Building & Endurance: – Sporting and paramilitary exercise to encourage and build a spirit of sportsmanship and endurance in life.
  • Merry Show/ Award Day: – Show-casing talents and gaining confidence in dialogue and positive exposure.


Communication Paradise

Wider use of the lingua franca, fine for swear words, foul language, wrong association or bad company, location etc.

Maintenance Culture

Flower and tree planting; beautifying and cleaning of the environment by volunteering to a regular, committed group initiated program.

Merry Show/Award Day

Special presentation in Drama, Music, Poetry, Speech, Debate and Quiz, Show casing talents and recognizing the spirit of excellence, rewarding and awarding good efforts


Balancing the reading of scriptures on a daily basis and a book once a month.

Holiday Camp

Positive exposure, challenging environment and life changing programme held on a rotational basis in different state of the federation, Free of charge (feeding and accommodation to members only.)

Benefit Concert

Raising chrismas/new year gifts for the needy in your local and beyond!

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